When you’re right but you can’t win

So we’ve been on holiday for just over a week and we’re staying about a street away from the beach, which is stunning.
I am a bit at loggerheads with my four year old in regard to the local birdlife though….
When we arrived we were greeted by a flock of seagulls clearly get fed quite regularly hy guests at this particular holiday rental. Both girls took great delight in feeding these hungry (yet well nourished) beasts who were trying to enter our home away from home.
The problem with bird identification didn’t occur until day 3 of our holiday when miss nearly four was pointing out the seagulls and the “baby seagulls”. After a few minutes of confusion, we finally worked out that the “baby seagulls” were actually sparrows.
No amount of insistence to the contrary has so far enabled us
Momto convince her that they aren’t baby seagulls. If you haven’t recently argued with a four year old, just imagine the scene in Dude where’s my car with the woman at the Chinese drive through “and then….” or the “what does mine say” tattoo argument.
So, my husband and I have taken the only possible course of action and we now happily point out the baby seagulls to her and her sister.