I hope that one day

I really wish that one day I would be at the shops with my girls and someone will just tap me on the shoulder. I’ll turn around and look into a pair of gentle brown eyes, overshadowed by greying brows. “You are doing an excellent job with your children, here’s a million dollars.” And I’ll smile and gush and try not to pass out and wonder and ask if they are sure. And then when everything is sorted, I’ll come home and order the biggest hot tub that I can fit under my pergola because my mortgage is fixed for two more years anyway so I may as well spend as much as I can in the meantime.


Memory – or How I Once Forgot My Name

Isn’t it funny how I could tell you practically nothing of my university degree, which I graduated from in 2007, yet I can still quote the entirety of Aladdin from my childhood (roughly twenty years).

It’s an ability that I still possess, like many mothers, I know all of Frozen and can quote Rapunzel all the way from “This is the story….” right to “… I asked her”.

To prove that I work to extremes though, there was actually one day where I forgot my own name. Of course the tale is not as simple as that, I was greeted outside childcare by another mother when my youngest was about 3 weeks old. The other mother was gushing over the baby in the capsule and asked about her name “It’s Kate isn’t it?” In my dazed state I just corrected her and vaguely thought “I know someone with that name though…”. It wasn’t until we got to the door that the other mother went “Oh yeah, you’re Kate aren’t you?”

In my defence, my name is actually Katie, generally only my parents call me Kate, but I probably should have been able to work out the muddle instead of thinking “oh yeah,” when the other mother reminded me.

So why is it that we can remember kids movies so well and yet occasionally forget important things like our name? Maybe it is the music, even when they aren’t singing, Disney movies have almost constant background sound.

Also, how many songs from ten years ago do you still know the words to (Barbie Girl, The Vengabus, Man I feel like a Woman – don’t pretend you didn’t like Shania Twain back in the day!).

I guess that the solution to my problem is that I should make up a song about my name, wait, there already is one….

K k k Katie, beautiful Katie….