I can totally make this for a four year old’s birthday party right?

Like just about every other child between the age of about one and maybe seven (I have no way of backing up the second part of my claim), my daughters are obsessed with Frozen. As I am one of those parents who uses my children as an excuse to act like a child, I have no qualms about admitting that I can quote practically all of the film and belt out “Let it go” with the best of them, my husband and I also do a pretty good duet for “Love is an open door”.

My eldest (daughter, not my husband, although most women accept that their partners are their eldest child) has also asked to join the ranks of children having a Frozen birthday party, despite my many other suggestions over the course of about three months.

Being a sightly cruel parent, when I saw these awesome geekout cupcakes the other day, credit to Nomokis, I asked her if she would like these Frozen cupcakes.

EXTERMINATE! by nomokis

After her initial excitement, I confessed that they were Dalek cupcakes, now she says she wants Dalek cupcakes for her birthday… So, yea or nay? Let me know in the comments if you think I can get away with it.


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