Quilt Cover Hack

Does anyone else suffer from quilt migration syndrome? You know, when you’ve had the quilt in the cover for a few nights and it starts sliding down inside the cover so you end up with about 30cm of quilt cover with no quilt in it? Super annoying.

Fortunately, I haven’t suffered from this particular condition for a few years now as I came up with an ingenious way of keeping my quilts in place which also makes it easier to put the covers back on. It will take an hour or so of your time initially, but, trust me, it will be worth it. See my technique below

You will need


Your quilt covers
Your quilt (N.B. instructions are for a queen size quilt)
12mm wide elastic (the width doesn’t really matter, but this is what I have on mine)
5 large buttons (maybe only 3 for a single quilt, definitely 5 for a queen though)
A sewing machine (optional)
Needle and thread

The Process

1.       Decide which end you are going to stitch your buttons too, make sure it is one of the top ends. Fold your quilt into quarters and stitch the buttons on the folds and at each end, this should mean you have five evenly spaced buttons at one end of the quilt. If you like switching which end of the quilt you have at your head end you could stitch buttons on at both ends.

2.       Fold your quilt covers into quarters and mark the folds. Stitch loops of elastic onto the quilt. I used about 5cm of elastic to make my loops, but it depends on the size of the buttons you have. This is obviously a lot easier if you have a sewing machine, but you can do it by hand. In my experience, it is easier to use a zigzag stitch with elastic and to cut the elastic after you stitch it.


3.       Store your quilt covers inside-out, then, when you are ready to change your cover, put your elastic loops over your buttons, reach your hands inside the quilt cover, grab the corners and shake that thing silly. The cover will slide down over the quilt, leaving only the bottom corners to be tucked in and the fastenings to do up.



I don’t know how many times I struggled with my quilt covers  before I did this, climbing into the wretched things with the quilt to try and line it up inside, shaking every which way to stop them from rolling in the cover, swearing when they migrated after a couple of days.

Let me know if you try out my little trick and tell me if it works for you.

Enjoy! K x


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