Jelly Ice Rinks

My eldest daughter turned 5 this week. Hip hip hooray!!

She was a very lucky little girl in that Disney on Ice happened to be in town this weekend and I did a lot of planning in advance. We ended up having her birthday party at the Ice Arena, our local ice rink, and then having a group of 19 friends (including parents, who paid for their own tickets, I’m not a millionaire) trek to Disney on Ice with us, it was an epic day.

As with most parties hosted by a venue, they supplied lunch, party bags and entertainment, the only thing I had to make was the cake….

I was struck by a little conundrum here, what type of cake do you make for a skating party? I have personally made three frozen cakes already, two for this birthday girl and one for a friend’s daughter, so that option was not on the cards…

image 2

My third Frozen cake was a little uninspired…

Our trawling of pinterest came up with about 50 cakes, all of which used fondant, which is entirely too fiddly for me, and she couldn’t really decide a theme to go with. She did quite like the look of a couple of jelly cakes that we saw (which I would link, but it was from reddit, so I can’t credit the creator), so we came up with a variation, Mini jelly ice rinks.


article 1 take 2

If you want to copy these little beasts, you will need:

image 3

  • 2 x packs Tiny Teddy biscuits
  • 5 x packs of base jelly (Berry Blue)
  • 3 x packs of top jelly colour (Blue Heaven)
  • 20 x 300mL plastic containers (cheap take out style container)
  • 1 x pack shredded wheatmeal biscuits (basically the biscuits with the lowest sugar content that I could find)

Enough workspace to spread out your cups

(These quantities made 21 jelly cups and an extra bowl of jelly for us)


  1. Blitz the biscuits in a food processer to crumbs, then distribute across the cups, about 50mL or 2.5 tablespoons per bowl should be enoughimage 4


  1. Mix your first colour of jelly and pour gently into the cups. This was where I discovered that the biscuit pieces would float (and that I was 3 packs short on my first jelly), if you have the time to do this in three stages, I would recommend just adding enough jelly (probably two packs) to cover the biscuit crumbs, letting that set, and then adding the rest of the jelly on top. I stuck with two stages though, which was fine. The containers had a mark on them at the 150mL mark, so I could easily add about 100mL of jelly. Pop the lids on and stick them in the fridge to set.

image 5

  1. After a couple of hours, bring those babies out of the fridge, mix up the next Jelly flavour and pour it on top, then stick them back in the fridge.
  1. A few more hours and they are done.

redo 6

When party time came, we gave the kids their jellies and stuck out the tiny teddies in bowls and they went crazy poking them in the jelly.  They all seemed to have fun with it.

image 7

I’d love to see pictures if you try this recipe, and any variations on the theme as well


Cheers, K xo


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